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                                    Thomas Russell Everett



          Mr. Everett is noteworthy for his dedication to the American Legion which awarded him a certificate honoring his 80 continuous years of membership!  This award in now on display at American Legion NC Post #70 in Asheville, NC.  Born in Bullard, GA, Everett later moved to Bluff and Cochran, GA.  Thomas Russell was eventually employed at the Penderlea School in Willard, NC (Pender County) where he lived with his wife Ruth.

           A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Everett served in both World War I (Machinist Mate First Class) and World War II.  He undertook training at the Naval Training Station in Great Lakes, IL; Dunwoody Institute in Minneapolis, MN; and Naval Radio School in Cambridge, MA.  Everett spent the last portion of his life in Asheville, NC where he died at the age of 97.  He is buried at Maplewood Cemetery in Mount Olive (Wayne County) NC.

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